Police in clamp down on violence and knife crime

Date: Wednesday 13th March 2019

CUMBRIA Constabulary is running two operations this week to tackle violent crime and the possession of knifes.

Police chiefs are publicly warning offenders of the consequences of their actions and will be performing extra patrols in hotspot areas targeting known offenders.

Operation Sceptre, during which people have the chance to hand in unwanted blades, is part of the police pressing home the message that Cumbria is not somewhere people can get away with violence.

Superintendent Matt Pearman said: “Violent crime is an area of policing that has seen significant media coverage over recent weeks and while fortunately Cumbria has not seen the levels of serious violence reported elsewhere in the country, we are not complacent and continue to take violent crime extremely seriously.

“This is not solely about responding effectively to incidents of violence but about actively targeting those in our communities who commit violent offences, carry weapons or who are perpetrators of domestic abuse.

“It’s also really important that police officers are out and about, where they are able to talk to members of the public so that we can keep community intelligence flowing.

“This is critical to taking violent offenders off the streets. People should know that violent actions have consequences for other people, and for themselves, with the prospect of a court appearance and even prison awaiting them.”

Cumbria’s police and crime commissioner, Peter McCall, said: "The whole country will have been shocked by the appalling and tragic deaths of young people in other parts of the country as a result of violent knife crime.

“It is important that we do not respond irrationally to these tragedies, but equally we must do all we can to prevent this sort of crime in Cumbria.

“As a society I believe we must be united in making it clear that violent crime is unacceptable. There are no excuses for carrying weapons, our communities should not live in fear and it will not be tolerated.

“The police in Cumbria have my full support to continue to deal robustly with those who engage in violent crime.

“There is no place in society for such despicable acts and we should all be committed to doing everything we can to prevent violence and to keep our communities safe.

“This means that parents, friends, teachers, anyone who comes into contact with young people, should be aware of what our young people are up to.”

Anyone who witnesses or is aware of criminal activity is advised to contact the police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.