Lights, camera and action at Appleby video shoot

Date: Tuesday 4th July 2017
Camerman Aidan Oldroyd films the happy couple and their wedding guests.
Camerman Aidan Oldroyd films the happy couple and their wedding guests.

MEMBERS of the Appleby community became stars of the small screen when a music video was produced in the town.

The video is being produced by Appleby’s Old Hall Veterinary Centre and is set to 70s and 80s chart-toppers Darts’ hit Messing Shoes Blues.

Prior to filming taking place, organisers put out an invitation on social media and through the Herald website urging people to turn out in their finery to be filmed in a wedding scene.

Sarah Towler, head nurse at Old Hall Veterinary Centre, said around 15-20 people took part, including Appleby team rector Sarah Lunn, who starred in the video officiating at a fictional wedding.

Acting as the bride and groom were Appleby’s Kirsty Allan and James Lowis, and various members of staff from the vet’s also took part.

Sarah, who lives in Dalston but has worked at the Cross Croft industrial estate-based vets since October, said the video is aimed at prompting dog owners to pick up their pets' mess — a problem which has caused upset in Appleby over recent months.

“Rather than fine people, we thought using music and humour might encourage people to do something about it,” said Sarah. Once the video has been produced it will be put out on social media and she hopes it might not only make people more aware of the problem, but also go viral on the web.

The music video was filmed by a professional cameraman, who was enlisted to help by vet worker Lori Lankovits whose niece, Shelley Lankovits, is a director on the award-winning BBC hit television show, Peaky Blinders, and also lent her support.

Filming took place in St. Lawrence’s Church, around the town centre and also around The Butts riverside shelters, where a dance was performed.

“Not as many people turned out as we were hoping but there were enough to make up a congregation and for a group to be filmed dancing.

It was great fun, everyone had a whale of a time,” Sarah said.

With filming “a wrap” it will now be edited over the next few weeks and unveiled at a special launch party expected at the end of July.

Sarah added that there are some extra special touches to be put to the video — which Peaky Blinders director Shelley is helping with. “It’s fair to say she is involved and will be putting a twist in at the end,” Sarah promised.