“I don’t do failure” says chairman of council company

Date: Friday 8th September 2017

EDEN Council’s new trading company, Heart of Cumbria, “will not fail,” councillors were promised this week.

“It’s not going to fail. I can tell you that because I don’t do failure,” said John Owen, a leading Tory councillor and the company’s chairman, at a meeting of the full council last night.

A number of senior Tories lined up to pledge support after an opposition councillor compared the authority’s launch into the business world as “little boys in a big boys’ playground”.

Robin Howse (Lib Dem, Penrith North), who made the claim, said he wanted Heart of Cumbria to succeed but feared it was headed for “financial disaster.” It would only bring “bad press” for the council and a “bad outcome” for Eden residents, he warned.

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