Help Melanie raise £5,000 for her new EP

Date: Tuesday 5th February 2019

PENRITH singer-songwriter Melanie Baker has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £5,000 in 30 days to pay for the production costs of her new mini-album.

Last year, Melanie, aged 20, released a home-recorded EP called Dreamer, which she was very proud of.

She said: "I invested a lot of my personal savings into the Dreamer EP, but ultimately I made a few rookie mistakes and lost out on a lot.

"This time around I have no money, but a lot more wisdom in regards to where money is most beneficial which is why I need your help."

Melanie, who was a BBC Introducing artist of the week in 2017, likes writing sad songs disguised as indie-folk/pop ballads. She said she has been writing her own material and gigging over the last four years, trying to convince herself that she can do music as her full-time job.

"If I had a penny for every time someone asked me when I'm going to go and study for a 'proper' job then I probably wouldn't need to be doing this Kickstarter," said Melanie.

The majority of the money raised will be going towards making the actual music, paying musicians, production costs, mixing, mastering, and studio time.

For the first time, Melanie has also been designing merchandise, including writing a very small and very exclusive book all about the stories behind her songs and processes.

"As an independent artist I have to fund everything I do while still trying to make money, it feels impossible at times," she said.

In return for people's generous support, she wants to be able to offer tangible, physical things, including exclusive merchandise — and even the ability to book her to play at their house!

She added: "Trying to raise £5,000 in only 30 days is terrifying to me. And because of Kickstarter's "all or nothing" rule if I don't make the full amount, I don't get anything. So whatever you can give, I will be immensely grateful."

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