Grammar school’s class of 69-76 plans to meet up again

Date: Monday 4th March 2019

PLANS are being made for a reunion of the Penrith Queen Elizabeth Grammar School intake year of 1969 — the last to sit the 11+ — and any pupil who joined the class along the way before 1976.

The picture above is of the year group’s leaving party which was held at the Astra, beside the A6 between Penrith and Carlisle, and which has long since disappeared.

Two former pupils, Richard Roberts and Sheron Burton, have set up a Facebook page and have managed to contact a number of the group, but there remain some with whom they have lost touch. They are particularly keen to contact those who have moved overseas.

Sheron said: “Last year most of us were 60. We are planning to mark the occasion this year with an afternoon tea. We would like as many fellow pupils to come along to share in the reconnection — a chance to talk, catch up and take a trip down memory lane.

“If you would have liked to have come along but cannot make it, send a message to the event, let us know what has happened to you in the intervening years.

“Is there anyone you’d like to reconnect with? If you’ve recognised someone on the photo please let them know we’re planning to meet up, and pass our contact details on. We would love to hear from them and to see them at the reunion.”

The main event will be an afternoon tea to be held in Penrith on Sunday, 5th May, with family and friends welcome.

For further information have a look at Facebook — PQEGS Class of 69-76 — or contact Sheron Burton ( or Richard Roberts (