Eden band’s one-off reunion— 46 years on

Date: Tuesday 3rd July 2018

AN Eden band first formed 50 years ago is reuniting for a special one-off gig at the Eden Valley Beer Festival, Kings Meaburn.

Skinny Lincoln’s original line-up consisted of Philip McGenn, Appleby, on vocals; John Horrocks, Shap, and Peter Gausis, Penrith, on guitar; Ben Eggleston, Appleby, on bass; and Dave Arnison, Appleby, on drums.

Now, at least four —and most likely all five —of the original members will team up with 18-year-old vocalist Jess Warburton for the reunion gig.

Philip, John, Dave and Ben all still live in Eden and the first three reunited last year for fun, and invited Ben to join them, as they were missing a bass player.

Jess, who lives at the farm where they rehearse, had joined them a few times and impressed everybody.

Ben, who now lives in Penrith, said: “I’m a musician and have played with hundreds of bands, but as soon as I heard her, I said ‘yes’. The talent is unbelievable.”

Peter is also hoping to make the trip from London to play at the beer festival.

“It will be the first time I have seen him in over 30 years,” said Ben, who said Peter’s job had taken him all around the world before he settled in London. It was via Facebook that Peter and Philip recently got back in touch, making contact just a couple of weeks ago.

The reunion gig, which comes 46 years after the band last performed publicly together, will take place at the beer festival on Friday.

Skinny Lincoln first came together in 1968 and soon became very popular on the Cumbrian dance hall circuit and enjoyed a large following. They also played at larger venues in Lancashire, Yorkshire and the south of Scotland, their last gig being at Silloth Lido in January, 1972.