Council offers £50,000 package to lure deputy finance chief

Date: Friday 28th July 2017

EDEN Council hopes to lure a new deputy finance chief to the authority this autumn with a £50,000 package.

The council is offering a £45,959 salary and a £5,125 relocation bonus to find a deputy for its finance director, Clive Howey, and a financial adviser for its new commercial company, Heart of Cumbria Ltd.

The issue of council officers working for its private enterprise while still on the public payroll has ruffled feathers in the Penrith Town Hall chamber, with some councillors concerned about conflicts of interest.

The authority insists the council does not lose out because any work done will be logged, Heart of Cumbria billed and the authority reimbursed.

But opposition councillors have pointed out that the only money Heart of Cumbria has is a grant given by the council in April. In effect, the company would be paying the authority its own money back, they said.

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