Candidate subjected to egg-throwing and on-line abuse quits Ukip

Date: Tuesday 1st August 2017

A CANDIDATE for Ukip in Penrith and the Border in June’s general election has complained of a lack of support from party bosses and “egg throwing” abuse from its opponents.

Kerryanne Wilde, a mother-of-two from Shap, announced she was quitting the party after having to pay more than £2,600 to promote her campaign and being subjected to “trolling” on-line.

In a resignation letter to Ukip’s acting national leader, Steve Crowther, Mrs. Wilde wrote: “I was informed on many occasions that if I didn’t wear purple then they (my constituents) would have voted for me. That by aligning myself with Ukip, I was a racist and a xenophobe.

“I had no support from HQ and no funding. I had my home attacked by eggs and was sent awful e-mails, Twitter and Facebook messages.”

Mrs. Wilde finished fourth from six candidates on 8th June with 1,142 votes. Previously, she served in the British Army and also stood for Ukip in the county council elections in May, but was unsuccessful.

She founded the award-winning Community Emergency Response Team UK, previously Eden Flood Volunteers, in Penrith to help victims in the aftermath of the floods in December, 2015.

In her resignation letter, she added: “I see the party going down a road which I do not want to travel. Ukip has had its day. No amount of rebranding, name changing and restructuring will save the party.”

Ukip Cumbria was approached for a comment but had not responded.