Brough gets ready for winter weather

Date: Tuesday 30th October 2018

THE people of Brough can rest easy now that emergency plans have been put in place in the village, should the winter weather again reach the scale of the “Beast from the East” again.

Parish councillors got together to create an emergency plan and buy supplies which would enable to memorial hall to be opened up as a reception centre if people are forced to evacuate their homes.

The move comes after the snowstorm of February this year caused many people to be stranded without supplies. Parish councillors wanted to ensure that there would be somewhere for people to go should it happen again.

Using Eden Council funding, administered by ACT (Action with Communities in Cumbria), the parish council has bought sleeping bags and blankets, camp beds and supplies such as toiletries and toothbrushes, which could be used if the hall was needed as a reception centre.

ACT’s Rebuilding Together scheme has been working with many community groups on developing localised emergency plans, in the light of the extreme weather over recent years, which has included both flooding and snowstorms.