Coyles calls on ‘keyboard warriors’ to tap into feel-good factor

Date: Thursday 3rd January 2019

PENRITH AFC manager Andy Coyles has called for “positivity not negativity” from supporters as his side prepares for 2019.

Since his appointment in October, Coyles has painstakingly rebuilt the Blues first team squad after an initial glut of player departures.

While Northern League performances have improved in recent weeks against big-spending sides with lofty ambitions, Penrith remain rooted to the bottom of Division I and have yet to win a league match.

Coyles says he is encouraged by recent battling performances. But in the wake of several online posts — amid a 4-0 weekend defeat away to Consett AFC — which he took to be negative, the manager has called on followers of the club to be both “positive” and “realistic”.

“I saw online a couple of posts when the (Consett) result came in, both on Facebook and Twitter, from what looked a bit like two or three keyboard warriors in which there looked to be a bit of unrest in terms of ‘here we go again’,” Coyles told the Herald.

“I just thought ‘if they only knew half of what we’ve been up against and what we’ve had to deal with over the last nine weeks or so they’d maybe appreciate a little bit how difficult it actually is’.

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