Well-attended Long Meg serviceworthresurrecting

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Sir, It is good to be able to view the Penrith Beacon again, and seeing the Easter Cross there brought to mind another tradition that could be resurrected.

Each year, in June, there used to be the Long Meg service which was organised and led by the vicar of Addingham. Hundreds of people attended and music was provided (usually by temperance bands), with everyone bringing picnics.

It would be wonderful if this service could be brought to life again, perhaps as part of the Moving Mountains mission. Long Meg and her Daughters, near Little Salkeld, being one of the largest stone circles in the UK, dates from late Neolithic/early Bronze Age.

William Wordsworth wrote: ‘Next to Stonehenge, Long Meg and her Daughters are, beyond dispute, the most notable relic in the country.”

This would be a great opportunity to bring people together, of all faiths or none, to an iconically spiritual place. Yours etc,


October Cottage,