Weather events are caused by global warming

Date: Tuesday 29th December 2015

Sir, Over the years climate change deniers have fed us with their black propaganda asserting that man-made climate change is some kind of left wing conspiracy.

In that case the representatives of 195 countries represented at the Paris climate talks have been duped. They have voted to fight climate change.

Shaun Silson makes an important point in his letter (Herald, 12th December). For one very good reason.

The weather events Cumbria is suffering from in common with South Sea Islanders and Bangladeshi farmers are caused by global warming. There can no longer be any doubt about this except in the minds of the wilfully deluded.

The Met Office announced weeks ago that we will reach one degree C of warming in 2015.

In Paris the 195 countries have voted to restrict global warming to 1.5 degrees. That is 50 per cent. higher than the figure for 2015. Logically, with 50 per cent. more greenhouse energy warming the atmosphere and waters of the Atlantic where our low pressure systems are born, we are certain to get worse storms in the future.

In the next five years the 14in record rainfall at Honister will be broken again and then in the years following it will be broken again as the moisture carrying capacity of the atmosphere is inexorably ramped up.

I concur with Mr. Silson’s call for modern bridges and I would add to that culverted causeways leading up to crucial bridges like the Lazonby, Culgaith and Langwathby ones unless we are going to allow Mr. Osborne’s fixation with austerity to force us into make do and mend.

How many times will the A686 be torn up at Langwathby? And the road north of the Morland bridge? That has a causeway but its arched culverts were blocked with debris. A local farmer told me they had been blocked for some time? Is that austerity?

Gamblesby’s flood defences promised last July have not been executed. Is that austerity?

According to the House of Commons Library the Government has reduced flood defence spending by £247 million since 2011. Is that austerity? Yours etc,


Town End Farm,