Volunteers plea over display board soldiers

Date: Monday 14th May 2018

Sir, We are now approaching an exciting stage of our Penrith Remembers research project. All the research and writing up has been completed on all 202 personnel named on the war memorial at the entrance to Castle Park.

The research and collection of data was to fulfil a purpose. Firstly, to create a written record, which will be bound and deposited in Penrith Library for the public to find out about those who were from Penrith and died in the Great War.

Secondly, for a summary of each soldier to be available on a website — this is still being investigated.

Thirdly, the original lottery grant said that we are going to have one or two display boards near the Castle Park memorial (permission is being sought as I write). These display boards will have the history and hopefully a photo of a soldier named on the brass plaques inside the gatehouse itself and can be changed from time to time.

It is for this last task that we now need some assistance. It would not be right for us to select say 12 to 16 soldiers to display on these boards. So, it is proposed to let a group of people from Penrith who have an interest in the research and/or World War I to do the initial selection.

Each person will be sent by email, or on paper, 20 named soldiers, from which it is hoped they will be able to select three (or four maximum) for the final selection.

Finally, a small group will select 12 to 16 soldiers to be used for the boards from the 30-40 initially selected. They should be a representative sample of all the soldiers and reflect the diversity of all issues behind these men who left Penrith to take part in the momentous events of 1914-1918.

If interested in taking part, please ring 016974 75923. Yours etc,


(Chairmen, Penrith Remembers research group)