Village pub’s downfall not through lack of support

Date: Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Sir, I was deeply saddened and shocked at the attitude of EDC (Eden Doesn’t Care) in your article (Herald, 23rd March) regarding the change of use of the Crown Inn, Blencowe.

The public house has always been a thriving business at the heart of our small community. The comments made by Peter Winter, agent for Mrs. Carroll, are totally misleading.

Business at the pub had declined prior to Mrs. Carroll closing its doors permanently. However, this was due to her attitude and business practice. It was no longer the welcoming place with lots of character and atmosphere that it used to be.

What was once a buzzing country pub with a fantastic selection of wines and spirits, not to mention outstanding food for which people travelled miles on a regular basis, had declined to not having basic commodities such as soda water and cider.

This, along, with not having a permanent chef, was the downfall of our pub, not the lack of support from the locals, who did everything to support it.

All the locals are very much aware that there have been many offers for the pub which, for whatever reason, Mrs. Carroll has refused.

It is very sad that the parish council and local opinion have been ignored to give delegated powers to the planning services to change the use of the pub. The planning officers do not live in our small, community-minded village, neither does Mrs. Carroll, who has gone to live in Manchester.

Further to the comment by Mr. Slee that the village could benefit from more residents, there have been numerous attempts to build more affordable housing within the village to no avail. Every time planning has been an issue.

What our village needs is young families who can socialise in our pub. Yours etc,


(Parish councillor)

Blencowe House,