Very different Britain lies ahead

Date: Tuesday 2nd April 2013

Sir, it’s about time that wind power enthusiasts like S. Jackson (“Britain independent or Britain beholden”, Herald, 23rd March) realised two facts, which destroy their arguments.

These are that wind energy is not free (huge subsidies are given out of the public purse, enriching some people but inflating energy prices for others), and it is not plentiful (numerous people have pointed out that covering the country with a solid mass of wind farms would still not

produce enough energy).

We must face up to the fact that Britain cannot be self-supporting even now, let alone when the population rises by 10 million or so, as it is set to do.

We will not be able to produce the required energy from local sources, nor the food to feed the burgeoning population, especially as more and more farming land is concreted over for housing (seen by all politicians as a necessity, both to address a shortfall and as a kick-start to the economy).

I predict the Britain of 10 to 20 years hence will be very different from that of today — perhaps almost unrecognisable and even more reliant on imports, which will be increasingly expensive as China and India become more competitive. Yours etc,