Underpass answer to roundabout problems?

Date: Monday 13th November 2017

Sir, I was most interested in Robin Bell and J. W. Dent’s letters (Herald, 4th November and 28th October) regarding the traffic situation on the A66 and Kemplay Bank roundabout.

Back in the late 60s when this was constructed, it was totally adequate for the volume of traffic it was designed for. Over the last 40 years, it now has its problems, both for traffic flow and pedestrians who use this crossing regularly.

The flow both east and west needs to be taken off the roundabout and routed through an underpass under the roundabout, thus alleviating the constant queuing and allowing local traffic to use filter lanes as Mr. Dent suggests.

Yes, it may be expensive to build an underpass, but the volume of traffic will continue to grow.

The only alternative is what has already been suggested — that is to build an outer ring road off the A66 and to connect with the M6 northbound at Junction 41, which would mean excavating at the rear of the Beacon.

Both would be costly projects but ones which would take the congestion away from the A66 and M6 junctions.

After all, this east-west flow must be one of the busiest in the north of England. Yours etc,


Newton Road,