Town council given £250 by anonymous donor

Date: Monday 8th April 2013

Sir, You report (Herald, 30th March) that “the repeated refusal of Appleby Town Council to pay its former clerk £600 in unpaid wages and holiday pay has cost taxpayers an additional £267.84”.

This is not true. The sum of £250 — the amount paid ex gratia to our former clerk — has been given to the council by a donor who wishes to remain anonymous: it will be placed in the fund to support the continuation of the 573 Friday bus.

The total expense to local council taxpayers is therefore the interest on the claim, £17.84, a little over 1p per household.

A public statement on the case as a whole will be made at the council meeting of 10th April. Yours etc,

DOT ANDERTON (Mayor) and ANDY CONNELL (Deputy mayor)