Squares peg in council’s round hole

Date: Tuesday 16th January 2018

Sir, On the front page of your paper last week you reported that Eden Council wishes to be all on one site with a building that is fit for purpose and has disabled access. It needs to borrow £2 million to achieve this and has identified that the move will bring about efficiency savings that will partly cover this.

Firstly, big builds never run to time or budget and efficiency savings never yield the hoped for amount. So will the taxpayers be expected to pick up any shortfall? If so, will we get a say?

Secondly, I have a simple solution to the council’s accommodation crisis.

There are 15 units on the New Squares development which have never been used. The paint is flaking off and some of the wood is starting to rot, though this is nothing a decent efficiency saving could not fix. They’re all in one place, all on one level and fit for purpose. They’re good enough for Highways England. So they must be good enough for Eden Council.

The only issue might be parking, but I’m sure people could easily walk from the council’s existing car park to New Squares. This could be part of a council fitness at work scheme.

After all, anyone else who works in town has to park at Sainsbury’s and walk to their job. And they have to pay for their parking as well.

As the last person to park his car in Southend Road car park you could accuse me of being bitter. I just think the council made its bed so maybe now it’s time to lie in it. Yours etc,