Shame the litter louts

Date: Tuesday 10th April 2018

Sir, The M6 litter gangs have been out over the past fortnight and the verges look pristine again. For a month or two anyway. Why is it that people think nothing of throwing their rubbish out of the car window?

I think there is now a disconnect between people and the environment. Most of us spend our time in cars or buildings and we get our information from tablets and TVs, not from looking around us. The countryside isn’t something most people relate to.

They don’t walk anywhere unless it’s on the pavement and the verge to them is only another utility area.

People have a new identification with the wilder places in the world through programmes like Blue Planet but they don’t identify with the places they live in outside the boundaries of their own living spaces. If they did they wouldn’t chuck rubbish out of their cars.

We need a new campaign of awareness telling people that it’s not OK to leave their litter anywhere they like. Offenders should be fined if they’re caught and shamed, too. Yours etc,