Send a message to ministers over draconian penalties

Date: Monday 8th April 2013

Sir, I would like to preface this letter by saying the views expressed within are my own and are not necessarily shared by everyone in my political party.

Over the next few months draconian financial penalties are to be imposed on the poorest and most vulnerable members of our community, the first of which is the bedroom tax.

One reason the Government feels able to impose these changes is that those affected are the least likely to vote. It is in the hands of those people to send a message to government which is far more effective than demonstrations, petitions and letters to the papers. They can register to vote.

That act would scare ministers, and MPs aspiring to be ministers. If they thought those votes would be used in the fast looming general election they would be terrified.

People have an opportunity in less than a month to send that message. I urge everyone who isn’t registered to vote to do so at the earliest opportunity and I urge them to use that vote next month in the county council elections.

I note that the group in receipt of the most generous social housing benefits are exempt from the new rules — MPs themselves. They don’t just have spare bedrooms, they have spare houses — and all paid for by the taxpayer. Yours etc,


(Liberal Democrat Eden councillor)

Brent Road,