Sad to think of park bowling club’s possible demise

Date: Monday 14th May 2018

Sir, I would like to support through your columns Penrith’s Castle Park Bowling Club in its endeavours to gain appropriate car parking spaces within the park boundary for members and visitors who are currently struggling to access the club facilities, due to a lack of action by Eden District Council.

It makes sense to establish further spaces, including additional disabled parking, beside the long driveway in the park leading on from the war memorial entrance, with 5mph speed limits in place, together with the “sleeping policeman” facility, which was suggested by Mr D. Noble in his letter to the paper last week discussing this matter.

My late father, Mr Bernie Curtis, was for almost a quarter of a century the park keeper of Castle Park, a job which brought him into contact with thousands of people who admired the loving care with which he and his staff tended the park, including the management of the bowling green and gardens.

It is regrettable that Eden District Council also abandoned the maintenance of the green four years ago but it is also a credit to the current Castle Park bowlers who have carried on with this task to a high standard, but who unfortunately do not appear to have any control or influence over the important car parking arrangements.

I am sure if my father were alive today he would also support the bowling club in this matter. I also think Eden District Council owe it not only to the current members of the bowling club to quickly resolve the problem, but also to the previous club stalwarts like Ronnie Milburn, Tony Smith, Bernard Doyle and Tommy Armstrong who, along with others, all played their part in continuing the success of the bowling club.

It would be sad to think that Castle Park Bowling Club should demise after being such a mainstay in the park for such a long time. Hopefully this will not be allowed to happen. Yours etc,