Ram’s head logo a right pig’s ear for Westmorland

Date: Tuesday 1st August 2017

Sir, As Geoff Wilson suggests in his letter (Herald, 22nd July), the words “Yorkshire Dales” are inappropriate in Westmorland but unfortunately so is the logo, which is a ram’s head of a Yorkshire sheep breed, namely the Swaledale.

The heritage sheep of Westmorland is the Rough Fell and it is just as important to recognise it and celebrate it as we do the Herdwick in the Lake District. Its ancestors made the wealth of the eastern Cumbrian area, including Kendal.

Shepherds support their chosen breed in a similar way in which football suppporters follow their team, and the Swaledale logo in Westmorland is much the same as a notice for Celtic football team outside the Rangers ground.

Failure to recognise this aspect of the culture and history of the community of people who created and maintain the much loved landscape reveals a considerable lack of either judgement or respect. Yours etc,