Playground for older children, too

Date: Tuesday 16th May 2017

Sir, I am writing to highlight an error in your report “Step closer to new playground” (Herald, 6th May). It was stated that Fairhill Community Group “is aiming to secure equipment for children up to four years old”, whereas in fact there is to be balanced provision for younger children from the toddler stage to the upper years of primary school.

Furthermore, an otherwise accurate list of planned equipment omitted the most versatile item, a multi-play structure which includes a small slide and caters particularly for the youngest years.

The standalone slide will be specifically for the older children, while the roundabout will appeal across the age range.

As a result of this inaccuracy, a distorted impression of the play area was given, and it is to be hoped that the above corrections will allay any concern which may have been felt by readers, particularly those living in the locality who will have been expecting provision for children well above as well as below the age of four. Yours etc,


(Fairhill Community Group)

Fell Lane,


Editor’s note: The report referred to was provided by an external source and published in good faith.