Noise complaint offside

Date: Tuesday 24th July 2018

Sir, I write in response to an article that was published in last week’s Herald titled “Red card for Greystoke’s noisy football fans”.

Contrary to what was stated in the article, I can confirm that the council has not received any complaints about people enjoying the World Cup matches at any location.

No environmental health officer from Eden District Council has spoken to or visited the landlord of the Boot and Shoe, or his staff, about the World Cup.

However, a planning officer of the council did visit the premises on 16th July after a complaint was received about the pub allegedly breaching one of its planning conditions — “the playing of recorded or live music from outside buildings”. We do not believe this complaint was connected to any World Cup events at the pub.

The council investigates any noise complaints that it receives. If a member of the public wishes to make a noise complaint they can visit our website 24/7 or call 01768 817817 or email Yours etc,


(Deputy chief executive, Eden District Council)

By email