No surprise that residents' wishes are ignored

Date: Monday 8th May 2017

Sir, Like many people I’ve been reading with horror the recent letters regarding the planned housing development at Tirril. However, it should come as no shock that local planners are ignoring residents’ wishes.

Most of Penrith was against the Sainsbury’s development yet, driven by greed, not need, it went ahead anyway (and look how well that turned out).

You only have to view the monstrosity that is the car park at Penrith railway station to know that Eden District Council has no regard to the visual impact development has on the surrounding area. If they can get away with that next to a beautiful historic building and opposite a castle they will have no qualms obliterating the view of the Lake District fells for visitors or residents or spoiling greenbelt land forever.

With a few notable exceptions, the design of new houses in villages is wildly inappropriate, and more suited to a town than a rural setting and is stripping villages of their character.

Not to worry, it’s not like the tourists on which we rely come here for the scenery or our quaint village charm. I’m sure also that second home- owners from outside the area will be queuing up to buy pebble-dashed rabbit hutches with no storage and gardens the size of a postage stamp because these so-called “affordable” village houses certainly aren’t affordable to local families in minimum wage jobs.

Not that that will stop the council from continuing to build them. It seems nothing can. Yours etc,