More “bums on seats” needed to keep buses running

Date: Tuesday 9th January 2018

Sir, It was really nice to be greeted on the street not with a complaint but a compliment — for the wonderful Appleby Christmas lights, which we hope to keep shining throughout January.

So, on behalf of everyone, a huge thank you to Archie Spence and all the Appleby Communities Acting Together team for their selfless dedication.

As we look ahead to 2018, I hope another Appleby success story will be for our bus services, 506, 561, 563, 573 and 574.

Thanks to three great companies, Cumbria Classic Coaches, Robinsons and Stagecoach, bus-wise we are in a much better place than we were a year ago; but further growth in passenger numbers is needed to keep these services going both for local people and tourists travelling into and out of the Eden Valley. We need a few more “bums on seats” now.

It is really pleasing that many habitual travellers by car are considering both their own long-term future convenience and the needs of the community and making at least some of their journeys by bus. I hope this trend will grow.

I also appeal to motorists to help by not parking at Appleby Moot Hall bus stop particularly at pick-up and set-down times, which are Monday-Friday 06-55, 09-50, 11-25, 14-25,14-57 (Wednesday only) and 19-02. Yours etc,


(Mayor, Appleby-in-Westmorland)

By e-mail