Masterplan bulldozer

Date: Wednesday 18th July 2018

Sir, I have been watching the evolution of the masterplan for Penrith with both interest and concern.

When the council originally put the plan up for public consultation I inquired about the area from the Beacon to Maiden Hill being the last recreational space around the town, which is enjoyed by joggers, cyclists, horse riders and dog walkers.

The lanes provide a relatively traffic free zone in the country. I was surprised by the response which implied that the council had been given carte blanche under government planning law to do what it felt fit, and that objection was pointless.

In your issue dated 7th July I notice the Beacon plantation is earmarked for a low key development, and that the consultants had been in touch with those affected.

I assume Stagstones Road will be improved, which will affect the properties on each side. Likewise I would ask how the land for building will be acquired and what value would be attached to any purchase.

Does the council propose any compensation to residents in the area for the devaluation caused by mass development? Plus, is that compensation extended to covering the disruption caused by an extended period of building?

It is disappointing to hear of this development through the Herald and not from the source of the masterplan.

Nothing has arrived through my letterbox nor have I had a visit to inform me of how this will be implemented.

I wonder if I am the only one who feels that this is being bulldozed over the opinions of those who reside in the Roundthorn and Edenhall areas. Yours etc,