Madness to approve more houses

Date: Monday 13th November 2017

Sir, I read with interest and incredulity the report (Herald, 27th October) on an application to build 13 houses on a pasture field along Brougham Avenue.

No one can find in this area the “facilities” that are referred to in the application nor to what the “indicative five houses” refers which was not in the plan I saw when the original plan was submitted.

Was there some slight of hand at work here? The residents deserve a letter from the planners giving reasons as to why they should disregard those objections made by the residents which were neither cosmetic nor aesthetic ones but genuinely serious facts. Not all of us refer to computers for information.

It seems complete madness to approve the building of further houses where there are no footpaths, no street lighting, no adequate drains and where the roads are so narrow that “near misses” concerning pedestrians and vehicles occur constantly.

Are the applicants intending to move the church or the hall to widen the road there?

I feel it is only the intelligence and good common sense of the Eden councillors that have prevented serious injuries or worse happening in this area if even more people walk and drive along these narrow roads. Yours etc,