Long period in the wilderness

Date: Monday 7th February 2011

Sir, I went to the demonstration in Grizedale Forest to lend my voice to the hundreds, possibly thousands, of people who gathered there to tell this Government to keep its hands off publicly-owned forests.

The Forestry Commission has run our forests successfully for more than 100 years and I believe if things aren’t broken they should not be fixed especially for purely ideological reasons.

England is not Chile and this Government of Friedmanite free marketeers cannot sweep through it selling off everything into the private sector.

If this Government “of the poor by the rich, for the rich” keeps on with its present pattern of behaviour, backed up by Orange Book Lib. Dems., it will have a long period in the wilderness to look forward too — a wilderness which, I hope, will be managed by the Forestry Commission. Yours etc,


Town End Farm,