Insult to occupants of New Squares

Date: Monday 25th February 2019

I READ, with some disquiet, Penrith mayor Scott Jackson’s description (Herald, 16th February) of New Squares as “something like a shanty town”.

This is an insult to the residents of New Squares and admittedly the few businesses that occupy the development. Is this really what the town’s ambassador thinks of part of the town?

For Mr Jackson’s benefit, shanty towns are defined by collections of temporary dwellings and are found in countries with high unemployment that do not benefit from the equivalent of our welfare system.

If Mr Jackson believes that New Squares is an area of small, very cheaply constructed shacks, populated by the destitute, then I suggest that he needs either to get out more or not make comparisons with something about which he clearly knows nothing.

Further, as Mr Jackson is a district councillor he should have been well-placed these past four years to raise the subject of the occupancy and maintenance of New Squares with both fellow councillors and officers.

With local council elections on the horizon there is more than a whiff of electioneering about this sudden interest in New Squares.


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