Incredible risks for nebulous benefits

Date: Monday 24th December 2018

Sir, The no-deal Brexit iceberg is now in sight with Mrs May steering a very dangerous course of brinkmanship between MPs and Europe.

The economic consequences of a no deal could be quite unthinkable. In Cumbria the figures for livestock trading have been described by Minette Batters, NFU president, as “catastrophic” and even if half correct will devastate farming.

The phasing out of the single farm payment coupled with impossible exporting conditions will soon bankrupt most businesses, and farming is just a small part of the overall economic picture.

A further potential disaster lies just down the road. It seems inevitable that a hard Brexit will lead to a second Scottish referendum and who there would vote for governance from Westminster after the current performance? Even the unpopular SNP look far preferable.

So not only do we risk wrecking the economy but also the United Kingdom. To those who say this is all scaremongering I would simply say why take such incredible risks for such nebulous benefits. The gamble just does not make sense.

It is not easy to see a way out of this mess. Mrs May’s deal, if ever accepted, might eventually make economic sense but really the only certain route is a second referendum with a Remain vote. Yours etc,


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