How will homeless cope?

Date: Monday 3rd September 2018

Sir, Not for the first time, Ross Brewster’s column stole the show (Herald, 18th August), especially concerning banks. Technology will be the end of us, I’ll warrant.

Ross did not mention the underprivileged or homeless, but how will they cope in future when the “cashless society” will be the ruin of those unfortunates who are forlornly attempting to survive?

By the way, did anyone, apart from me, notice the letter from Mr Strevens (Herald, 11th August) which was worthy of comment? Better off out of the EU, I suggest — 17,400,000 know it makes sense: a two million majority.

Ignore the pessimists; Britain/England will continue to thrive come what may. How did we survive World War I and World War II? By ingenuity and determination.

The Remainers need reminding that they remain a remainder. Yours etc,


River House, Wetheral.