Hiccups won’t stop Appleby from thriving

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2018

Sir, We have a thriving community in Appleby, with all the amenities anyone could want — in my opinion second to none in Cumbria.

The only thing we don’t seem to have is the backing of HSBC or Barclays banks (unfortunately it’s the old scenario of use it or lose it), but thankfully we still have the loyalty of our building society and post office.

We have developers wanting to build houses in the town, and businesses seem to be doing OK, with the EVA and Cannon sites going forward.

We now have our main tourist attraction, the castle, going full steam ahead (never mind Settle to Carlisle). We have cafes, pubs, builders’ merchants, shops, food outlets, flats, etc, that were completely devastated by the 2015 floods and which are now up and running.

We have been offered more police on the beat, our pre-school/infants/grammar schools are doing brilliantly. By sheer determination Appleby’s sporting communities — the football, cricket, bowls and squash clubs — are thriving and winning all sorts of trophies.

We are now either upgrading or building new state-of-the-art sporting premises and, thanks to a brilliant community effort, newly upgraded boy scout and girl guide facilities have appeared.

All our local community can expect and receive the solid backing of our local churches, doctors, police, fire brigade, First Responders, etc. Thanks to the hub we might even get our Edenside back.

In my time I have seen Martins Bank, Midland Bank, HSBC and now Barclays close. There’s no doubt this latest closure will cause more unwanted inconvenience to a lot of local people.

But on a much brighter note, this action could present an opportunity in Appleby for new business ventures or an opportunity for existing ones to expand.

So, Applebians, look out. We can all expect more hiccups and turbulence ahead but will this closure stop Appleby-in-Westmorland from going forward and thriving? I don’t think so! Yours etc,


(Local resident and town councillor)

By e-mail