Have your say on Penrith bus shelter

Date: Tuesday 3rd April 2018

Sir, The removal of the bus shelter at Tara Hill, Scotland Road, Penrith, has been questioned by local residents and bus users.

The shelter was removed on the instruction of Penrith Town Council as it was not prepared to accept an asset in poor condition.

Eden District Council had offered to renovate or replace the shelter prior to the asset being transferred, but the town council asked for it to be removed.

This decision upset a number of residents in my ward (Penrith North) and I am therefore happy to learn that the town council is now conducting consultation to find out if there is any support for reinstating the shelter.

I would like to remind everyone that the closing date for completed surveys will be Saturday, 14th April. With the start of the Easter holidays I am concerned that people will forget about the survey and it is important that the town council has a good level of responses.

The survey is available online at http://penrithtowncouncil.co.uk and is on the council’s Facebook page PenrithTownCouncil. Hard copies are available at Penrith library, tourist information centre and the town council office.

I would urge anyone who wants to have their say to complete the survey as soon as possible. Other councillors and I will also be distributing surveys in the local area over the next couple of weeks. Yours etc,


(Eden councillor,

Penrith North)

By email