Happy to pay a high price for alcohol but not fuel

Date: Monday 7th February 2011

Sir, Although I am only an occasional motorist these days, I am as concerned as most about the rising cost of fuel, not so much for its impact on me personally but for the effect it will inevitably have on the cost of goods transported by road.

Before getting carried away too much though, it is interesting to compare the fuel price with that of other “life essentials”, for which many seem happy to pay.

In a local supermarket I found the following fairly average prices per litre: for beer £3.58; wine £7.98; spirits £14.65; lager £2.66; and “superior” cider and lemonade at £7.16 and £4.55 respectively.

Perhaps only those people who do not buy such goods are grumbling about fuel at £1.30 or so, but I doubt it! Yours etc,


Clifford Road,