Gas guzzler v. holistic farming

Date: Monday 24th July 2017

Sir, A large, sumptuous car designed to insulate the occupants, including the driver, from all driving sensations is about to hit our streets lauded and fawned over by your motoring correspondent (Herald, 15th July).

May it land with a bang and jolt some sense into those considering it as a purchase.

This magic carpet can effortlessly transport its payload from one earthly location to another, their angelic faces, smiling or frowning as their mood or self-importance dictates, illuminated by the LED screen before them, insulating them from the worldly concerns beneath their consideration, like climate change, for instance, or dwindling finite resources.

The fact that no mention is made of the running costs or fuel consumption of this beast emphasises the lack of concern of the manufacturers or prospective customers.

Electric car production is as yet in its infancy; in Britain, it would appear to be barely out of its pram. It would be welcomed if the Herald could devote more of its motoring column to this important and futuristic technology.

In the same edition, and on a more optimistic note, Renwick farmer Nicola Renison is forward looking, identifying herself as a New Generation, grass or soil farmer — one who by adapting the best of the old to suit modern practices actually works towards improving the quality of the land that she and her husband farm.

Nicola quite rightly cites George Monbiot and his ideas about rewilding. Given more space she might easily have mentioned Colin Tudge and Graham Harvey, both champions of a more holistic approach to farming, or the American advocate of the grass-led approach, Michael Pollan.

What a refreshing and proactive attitude to hill and fellside farming on our Eden Valley doorstep. Yours etc,