For carbuncles, see the council

Date: Tuesday 1st May 2018

Sir, Carbuncles, flyovers, Eden District Council and people in glass houses spring swiftly to mind when our council’s leader makes comment on a yet to be designed road improvement.

For expertise in carbuncles we need look no further than some recent examples by our very own council: an enlarged garden shed with a huge shiny sloping roof to sell fried chicken; a whole industrial estate with roofs clad in yet more shiny alloy (when initial plans showed tiles); a mock Tudor barn in Corn Market misused as an outdoor dining room for the fast food trade; a farm feedstock mill built on the sight line of possibly the most scenic view the town looks over; and an industrial estate with no attempt at natural screening with foliage.

All topped by a recent supermarket and shopping complex, before whose owner’s disgraceful design our councillors prostrated themselves, naked and fawning in acceptance. As Granny said: “It takes one to know one.” Yours etc,