Fond farewell to long-serving animal charity trustees

Date: Monday 8th April 2013

Sir, It is with great sadness that Eden Animal Rescue is bidding farewell this month to two of our founder trustees and members, Jean Corner and Tricia Graham.

Both were involved with the setting up of the charity in 1995 and over the last 18 years have helped it grow from literally nothing more than a willingness to help unwanted and neglected animals to developing a network of fosterers, setting up the charity shop, setting up the Hardendale centre and becoming a limited company as well as a registered charity.

Jean is now retiring. She has done an amazing amount of work behind the scenes, dealing with all of the many collection boxes dotted around the Eden Valley and producing all the newsletters, which is a huge job. She has been a lynchpin at the monthly coffee mornings, also running and co-ordinating activities to do with the tombola and, of course, the many raffles throughout the years.

Last but not least are the famous quizzes which have a huge following, and she has promised she will continue with these for the charity.

Tricia has been the animal administrator for the whole of this time. She “set up shop” in her kitchen and started the business of finding fosterers, sourcing cat and dog pens and co-ordinating the activities of bringing in unwanted animals and placing them in foster homes until permanent homes could be found for them.

Tricia has worked every hour available over 22 years, the last 18 with Eden Animal Rescue. She has fostered animals at her home and became a central point of contact for the charity. She was instrumental in establishing the Hardendale centre and bringing the fostering and rehoming of the animals under one roof.

I cannot begin to list all the other activities carried out by Tricia — they are so numerous and diverse that I would need a whole newspaper to list everything — but, to name but a few, they include fund-raising, forging relationships with local businesses and organisations, press releases, TV appearances, maintenance of the Hardendale centre, and staff and volunteer training.

Tricia is going to continue in a volunteer role at the Hardendale centre and will still be running the two open days that we hold there. She also hopes to remain with the fund-raising team in some way.

Both Jean and Tricia will be sorely missed by the charity but appreciate they have more than done their stint.

The existing team and the new trustees that have joined us recently will continue with the legacy that has been left to us and forge ahead in today’s busy world to keep the charity financially and legally secure, with animal care being top of the agenda. We continue with our plans to purchase our own property one day and need funds which are in addition to the normal annual running costs, so if anyone can contribute to this goal in some way, be it making a donation or coming forward with new and innovative fund-raising ideas, then we would like to hear from you, especially nice, animal-friendly local companies that might like to sponsor a kennel or support us financially in some other way.

Legacies provide the charity with long-term promise of finances, so if you feel this is a way to help us then we would be very grateful.

I would love to hear from schools and colleges. The youth of today have so many technological ideas and it would be great to draw on their talents.

We also continue to need help caring for the animals at the centre and volunteers to help out in the shop along with various administrative duties for the charity.

Give me a call if you think you can help, call 07786 982179 as I am not usually at the centre, or you can speak to one of the team at Hardendale on 01931 716114.

Wishing Jean and Tricia a relaxing break from committee meetings. Yours etc,


(Chairman, Eden Animal Rescue)