Egypt needs you

Date: Tuesday 4th April 2017

Sir, Having recently returned from a splendid trip to view the wonders of ancient Egypt, I would like to pass on a message from our wonderful guide and indeed all the other lovely, friendly people we met along the way.

We visited Cairo, Aswan, Luxor and the Nile, taking in such sights as the Great Pyramid, Karnac, the Valley of the Kings and the Aswan High Dam, to name but a few.

The cruise ship on which I spent six nights had a capacity of 177 but there were only 20 of us, plus a handful of Egyptians, and the service was almost embarrassingly good. Security was very tight, which was reassuring, but we never felt in the least unsafe.

Neither the guide nor the rep who looked after us so well (both Egyptian) knew when their next booking would be — and both of them had in the past been booked up for three years ahead. They told us that Luxor in particular is totally dependent on tourism, subsistence farming being the only other occupation.

So the message is, in the words of Ameel the guide: “Please, please tell your friends to come to Egypt. We desperately need you.” Yours etc,


Swarthbeck Farm,