Ditch the kitten heels for hobnailed boots

Date: Monday 8th May 2017

Sir, I do not propose to answer all the points made by Tim Strevens in his long and very erudite letter (Herald, 29th April), but I think I must make a few comments.

If the EU is as wonderful as he suggests, why does almost 40 per cent. of the population of France vote in favour of political parties which want to leave it? The party led by Beppe Grillo in Italy is leading in the polls there and he also wants to leave the EU. After Germany these are the two largest economies in the eurozone.

I would suggest that, if he has not already done so, Mr. Strevens reads the new book by Professor Yanis Varoufakis called Adults in the Room.

As readers will recall, Yanis Varoufakis was the Greek finance minister who had the unenviable task of negotiating with the EU at the time of the Greek financial crisis.

While Tim is right to say that the misfortunes of the Greeks were largely self-inflicted, the book reveals an extremely interesting insight into how power is actually used by the EU elite.

The Brussels bureaucracy might in total numbers be no larger than Birmingham City Council but it wields considerably more power.

I am aware that the majority of graduates and under 50-year-olds voted to remain, although this graduate didn’t. But when certain of my grandchildren alleged that people like me were stealing their futures I simply suggested that they go and try their luck in those EU countries such as Spain where youth unemployment is approaching 50 per cent.

I think that Theresa May will have to ditch the kitten heels and switch to hobnailed boots when the negotiations get seriously under way. Yours etc,


Gillbanks Cottages,Clifton.