Details of property purchase still to be ironed out

Date: Monday 7th August 2017

Sir, I write in response to your Comment (Herald, 29th July) about Heart of Cumbria Ltd. As a member director I welcome the positive statements in your leader about the company’s intentions and the positive comments from your columnist, Brian Nicholls, in his article. I am very encouraged by both.

May I say that as a registered company, there is an obligation to comply with all relevant legislation including furnishing audited accounts. Members of the council will be provided with regular reports on the company’s activities and any member of the council may ask questions of and offer observations to any director of Heart of Cumbria.

The annual accounts and progress reports to the council will be in the public domain.

The same edition also carries a letter from councillor Robin Howse. It may come as a surprise to Mr. Howse that I agree that he raises some valid points about the purchase of affordable homes from Persimmon and they need to be addressed.

The houses have not been built and we will take the opportunity to specify our requirements in detail if Heart of Cumbria Ltd. is to proceed with the purchase.

The proposed purchase is at a very early stage, and, as anyone who has been involved in complex property transactions will be aware, many detailed aspects of the purchase need to be identified, addressed and negotiated before draft contracts are produced and finally exchanged.

It is all a matter of timing and taking appropriate advice before entering into binding commitments. Heart of Cumbria has access to expert advice on all matters concerning the purchase. Yours etc,


(Eden councillor for Lazonby and director, Heart of Cumbria)

By e-mail