Destruction of armed forces damaging to national security

Date: Monday 26th February 2018

Sir, Regarding Mr Gilligan’s campaign for nuclear disarmament (Herald, 17th February), it is fascinating that his letter is published at the same time as members of the Labour Party’s past support for Russia and its allies is highlighted.

It should also be remembered that 80 years ago Russia’s Cold War operations to destabilise Britain included fomenting industrial strife with incessant strikes, financial support for senior trade unionists, obtaining the support of MPs (as is now being highlighted in the press), and their extremely active support for Britain’s nuclear disarmament.

I can never recall hearing of parades by UK Ban the Bomb members in Russia. Only the fact that Russia would suffer devastating retribution from USA, Britain and France if they dared use nuclear weapons has deterred them. Little wonder they want everybody else’s nuclear bombs banned.

At present, the nuclear powers are Russia, China, North Korea, America, Britain, France, Israel, probably South Africa and definitely India and Pakistan.

Sadly, the ongoing stupidity of British politicians, both Labour and Conservative, in giving Pakistan and India multi-millions of pounds of British taxes, calling it overseas aid, has enabled them to pay for the construction of atom bombs. Also India and Pakistan both maintain armies 10 times larger than Britain’s.

Sadly, I consider that the Conservative Government’s ongoing deliberate destruction of Britain’s armed forces is far more destructive to Britain’s security than certain Labour MPs’ support for Russia and Communism. Yours etc,