Demographics will cure our divisions over time

Date: Monday 7th January 2019

Sir, To answer G. Dudson and Eric Lamb, the latest polls tell us that there are no Labour constituencies favouring Brexit. In any case MPs are not delegates but representatives.

Les Armstrong talks of a democratic deficit without specifying one, and of unaudited accounts when they have been audited since 2007. He shows us though that one should never denigrate the views of Cumbrian farmers, many of whom were my clients, neighbours and friends.

My paternal grandparents farmed in the middle of Ireland. During the troubles following the Great War they were held at gunpoint in their home by men demanding food shelter and guns.

After 1922 they lived, cut off from liberal values, in an inward-looking, poverty-stricken nationalist state, much of whose legislation was determined by unelected narrow-minded clerics.

This came to an end after 1973 when their state together with us joined the Common Market. So unsurprisingly I have no sympathy for Geoffrey Graham and his English nationalist Brexiteer friends who want an introspective isolation for us.

In the 1940s and 1950s I was educated at a public school followed by study at Oxford of the law, including constitutional law. Our egos were inflated by continual visits from cabinet ministers and prominent people.

So it was a surprise to realise that the young today receive a broader more balanced and in many ways better education. This is why three out of four of them want to remain in the EU, not just to enjoy a higher standard of living, have more influence in the world and greater security, but to participate in solving its problems and our own and enjoy its high moral values set out in Article 2. The young are our future and over time demographics will cure our divisions and mean that ultimately we will be in Europe anyway.

In the meantime we can chose Mrs May’s divisive, can-kicking dog’s Brexitfast agreement to do a vaguely expressed deal in the future and lose the exemptions we now enjoy.

Alternatively we can by democratic means now exit Brexit, keep the exemptions and have a better future. But at the same time we must redress the grievances of those who voted for Brexit in despair. Yours etc,


Great Salkeld.