Delight over Eden’s many Britain in Bloom success stories

Date: Monday 13th November 2017

Sir, Cumbria in Bloom, as the charity that engages with communities and arranges participation in a range of programs, is thoroughly delighted that Penrith BID (Business Improvement District) has achieved at the highest level in this year’s Britain in Bloom finals.

The result should not come as a surprise, as for quite some time the transformation of how the centre of Penrith looks has impressed many.

In addition to complementing all those engaged in Penrith BID, Joan Robinson’s unselfish encouragement to Eden Mencap’s people and others with limited resources, as acknowledged in last week’s Herald, shows how much one individual’s drive and enthusiasm can have huge impact.

However, Cumbria in Bloom had many other strong performances in Eden. Bolton village is a great example of a group of residents deciding there were things and areas in the village that could be improved through their own efforts.

This year’s repeat gold medal confirmed the ongoing improvement and keenness to develop further not just with floral impact but environmental and wildlife areas. We also recognised this year the many years of effort put in by Les Dalzell and John Pickering for making Threlkeld a clean and picturesque village as community champions.

If the thought of entering a competition seems a step too far, then Cumbria in Bloom welcomes registrations from individuals and small groups who want support and recognition of visual and environmental improvements they are making in their own areas.

This, the RHS supported “It’s Your Neighbourhood” scheme, is informal but provides guidance and a RHS certificate following an assessment.

Cumbria in Bloom also wants to encourage young people to learn about the benefits of gardening and runs a schools gardening competition with different categories to allow schools with varying facilities to feel there is a place for them. Tourism businesses also have an opportunity to compete for a range of trophies annually.

So, if you have pride in how your community or area looks or see environmental enhancement as an opportunity, please look at and get in touch. Also, the charity’s annual meeting takes place on Monday at Newton Rigg College at 2pm, to which all interested would be most welcome.


(Chairman, Cumbria in Bloom)

By e-mail