Conference centre plans bad news for Keswick

Date: Tuesday 13th February 2018

Sir, The proposals for the enclave planned by Keswick Ministries at the pencil mill, known as the Derwent Project, are bad news for the town.

Safety is a major issue for access and egress with thousands of people descending on the bottom end of Main Street trying to access the enclave. Virtually zero parking is planned. It’s an accident waiting to happen.

No jobs will be created and the site, which is our only employment area designated by the national park authority, will be lost to future generations. Any job that might arise will be for committed evangelical Christians only. Others need not apply.

Other applications for the site which would have brought dozens and dozens of jobs were denied. Why?

Noise and nuisance which is the scourge of the “back street” residents of Keswick during the Convention will be moved to the bottom of Main Street, so this is a case of simply moving the problem instead of dealing with it.

How noisy will a marquee with 4,000 people worshipping with a professional PA system be? There will be noise and nuisance from 5,000 people over the two sites leaving in the late evening as well as practice sessions all day. Disturbance will be massive.

Despite being told that there were no plans for expansion by the minister at large at a town council meeting in front of dozens of locals and the council, the word “expansion” is used again and again in the planning application.

We will be objecting on several grounds. I urge the town to do the same. Yours etc,


(Resident and business owner, Keswick Together)

By e-mail