Christian heritage under attack

Date: Tuesday 4th July 2017

Sir, In Ross Brewster’s column last week, I was particularly interested to read his comments on Tim Farron suggesting that “Britain can no longer call itself a Christian country”.

This may or may not be true, but there are certainly many people and agencies doing their best to destroy our Christian heritage.

They have found this simple by introducing the ludicrous idea of political correctness which in itself infers that some truths have to be hidden.

In recent years most people will have seen the chaos and divisions that politics can create.

For many centuries until about 25 years ago, the successful growth and stability of this country was due to our laws and individual initiatives being based upon the teaching of Jesus.

Perhaps we should have the expression “Christian correctness”, but of course there would be no need to invent any such expression since all it requires is for more people to acquaint themselves fully with the first five books of the New Testament. Yours etc,


Arthur Street,