Castle’s weddings licence benefits whole village

Date: Tuesday 9th January 2018

Sir, Because of one complaint about the music from one of his wedding events held at Greystoke Castle, Neville Howard stands to lose his licence (Herald, 30th December).

This in our view is despicable and I have the support of all my parish councillors to submit this letter this week supporting his renewal proposal, which is due in April.

The businesses in Greystoke, plus B&Bs, caterers, florists, hairdressers, wedding car providers, breweries, the people who supply the marquees and the bands that supply the music, all benefit from these events.

In all my nearly 50 years of holding events in Greystoke going back to the 1970s, when I organised discos in the village hall every two to three weeks before the clubs opened in Penrith, I never had one complaint and we raised thousands of pounds.

We had fireworks and the bonfire, country fairs at the castle, sports days, and never one complaint. We cannot let this happen and must throw our weight behind Mr. Howard’s licence renewal as best we can.

I live only about 150 yards from the castle at the top of Park Road, and I have no problem with the music from these events. After all, they are only on until about midnight once a month at the most. Yours etc,


(Chairman, Greystoke Parish Council)

By e-mail