Brough has no choice in taking on gardens

Date: Monday 2nd October 2017

Sir, Further to your article “Anger over looming parish bill for services”, (Herald, 23rd September), Brough Parish Council is not voluntarily taking over the running and maintenance of Jubilee Gardens. On the contrary, we feel we have no choice.

It was negotiated with Eden District Council (EDC) and Cumbria Association of Local Councils (CALC) that the devolution of Jubilee Gardens would take place on 1st April, 2017, once agreed works had been completed.

To date we are still waiting for some of the jobs to be started and what work had been finished now needs to be done again.

EDC had, over the years, subcontracted the maintenance of this small garden. We feel that the work carried out was sporadic, below acceptable standards and not at all cost effective.

If we do not comply with EDC’s dictates, we understand the garden gates will be locked and that this prominent area in the village will fast become an eyesore.

We have received outline costs for the devolution of all of Brough’s “assets”, which amount to £135 more than our total annual precept.

As a council we feel that EDC owes it to our parishioners to come and explain fully to us how these costs have been arrived at and how it envisages us being able to sustain these assets without equipment, expertise or the finances to do so. Yours etc,


By e-mail