Brighten up litter bins

Date: Tuesday 11th July 2017

Sir, I took part, with about a dozen others, in a litter pick organised by Tina Morris in the centre of Penrith on Saturday.

After two hours of picking up other people’s discarded rubbish, I feel our plain black litter bins are just not prominent enough. The amount of litter, especially cigarette stubs, close by but not actually in a litter bin was dreadful.

I would like to suggest that whichever one of our councils (district or town) is responsible for litter bins should approach Eden Arts and local schools to come up with some eye-catching designs to be painted on to the bins, which would encourage people to notice them and use them.

They would join our fun signs and quirky planting in adding to Penrith’s vibrancy, and, by making the town cleaner, increase our attraction to visitors. Yours etc,


Carleton Hall Gardens,