Ban pensioners from voting?

Date: Monday 3rd December 2018

Sir, Three letters from EU Remainers, Messrs Bowen, Rigg and Silson (Herald, 24th November), provide nothing new or original; nothing positive by way of alternatives to the UK withdrawal from the European Union.

However, Grattan Bowen writes that “since June, 2016, approximately one million people have died in the normal course of events. Predominately these will have been older people, among whom were the most Leave voters”.

I wonder at what time of life people should lose the right to vote? Perhaps as soon as you pick up your old age pension? Maybe when you enter the polling station you might be required to complete a senility test such as reciting your name and address without using your polling card as an aide memoir. Fail and you will be denied a vote.

The argument that young people might have reversed the referendum vote is specious and one to be used at any future election. What I find most disturbing is the plethora of knighthoods and damehoods being awarded to Members of Parliament and the promise of money, billions of pounds, to the DUP for its support for the Government.

If the likes of Mugabe in Zimbabwe had behaved in the same way, buying votes, there would be an outcry and accusations of corruption. Who knows, if I keep taking the pills I might be around for the next election. Yours etc,